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Led by founder Kishore KJ Buxani, the Singapore-based Buxani Group is a private investment group established in 2003, with the intention of discovering investment opportunities in underperforming real estate assets and businesses, and creating value through hands-on management and involvement to deliver superior returns over the long-term. Combining an entrepreneurial investment style with contrarian vision, Buxani Group identifies opportunities by operating ahead of the curve and anticipating market trends, utilising its extensive industry contacts and local market knowledge in specific sectors to source and originate off-market deals, and executing with its deep hands-on real estate and capital markets expertise.

Today, Buxani Group has growing interests in real estate investments and development projects, either through direct holdings or collaborations with strategic partners. It has a portfolio of properties that includes prime retail and office assets in Singapore, as well as a commercial and hospitality asset in Malaysia and an island resort development in the Seychelles.

The ever-changing real estate landscape will continue to provide opportunities for significant long-term upside potential, and Buxani Group is poised to capitalize on these opportunities through its disciplined approach, focused investment strategy, and deep understanding of the real estate market.