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Founded in 2003, the firm is the family office for the Buxani family. Combining an entrepreneurial investment style with hands-on expertise, the Group, headquartered in Singapore, utilises its extensive industry contacts and local market knowledge to identify investment opportunities to invest its own capital in well-located real estate, private businesses, financial markets, and private equity investments worldwide.

Meet The Team

Kishore KJ Buxani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Buxani Group

Kishore KJ Buxani is the founder and CEO of the Buxani Group and has built a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and shrewd hands-on investor in real estate and operating businesses.

Kishore previously worked at Goldman Sachs for almost a decade until 2005. He was an Executive Director in the Investment Management Group and was responsible for building an investment business from scratch to over USD$1.1 billion of assets under management from Asian corporates, family offices, and high-net-worth family groups. With over twenty-five years of real estate and global investment experience, Kishore has developed a deep understanding of global capital markets and built a strong network of contacts within the local and international real estate and financial services industry.

Kishore began personally investing in Singapore commercial real estate while working for Goldman Sachs in the early 2000s. He developed a reputation for creating value by acquiring underperforming properties in prime locations and decided to leave Goldman Sachs in 2005 to focus on his entrepreneurial passion.

Kishore received his Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from the National University of Singapore.

Pia KK Buxani

Executive Director
Buxani Group

Pia KK Buxani is the Executive Director of the Buxani Group and has over twenty years of experience in operations and administration in the real estate and financial services industry.

Her knowledge, strong character, and strategic drive have enabled the Buxani Group to build a stable operating platform, which has been instrumental to the Group’s aggressive growth strategy.

Pia started her career in Hong Kong during the 1990s before moving to Malaysia in 2000 to focus on her family’s real estate investments. She then relocated to Singapore in 2002 and has been involved with Buxani Group since 2006.

Pia received her Bachelor of Business from the University of Southern Australia.

Haresh Buxani

Executive Director
Buxani Group Holdings Sdn Bhd

Haresh Buxani is the Executive Director of Buxani Group Holdings Sdn Bhd.

With over twenty-five years of experience in real estate, he is currently responsible for managing the Group’s investments in Malaysia.

Starting in the retail business in Singapore in the 1980s, Haresh moved back to Malaysia in the 1990s and joined a public-listed real estate company to manage its holdings; later on, he joined Kishore in some of the earlier Singapore real estate investments.

Our Values

Buxani Group adheres to the highest standards of accountability, honesty and integrity. Confidence and trust is the bedrock of our reputation, fundamental to our business ethos, and has enabled us to establish valued, deep and strong relationships with clients, industry contacts, and the communities we operate in. Buxani Group is also a company that attaches great importance to its wider social responsibilities, placing sustainability at the core of our investment practices and a commitment to give back through a range of philanthropic activities and charitable contributions.

Our Philosophy

Buxani Group follows an entrepreneurial investment philosophy. This entrepreneurial approach allows Buxani Group to maximise value in every aspect of the company’s operations whether it is acquisition, refurbishment, repositioning or management. This investment style, combined with a contrarian vision, allows Buxani Group to operate ahead of the curve in anticipation of general market trends to source real estate investments that deliver exceptional returns, high yields, and maximum value.

Our Strategy

Buxani Group follows a clearly defined and disciplined investment strategy which is oriented around the repositioning of real estate assets in need of capital improvements, whether it be minor alterations or significant interior-exterior refurbishments, structural enhancements, common area upgrades, and fresh construction, those where existing tenancies are impeding value, and those facing financial challenges. An ever-changing and evolving real estate landscape continues to offer opportunities for significant long-term upside potential, opportunities that Buxani Group is poised to capitalise on through our focused, proven and opportunistic investment strategy.

Our Capabilities

Buxani Group’s success is founded on the use of local market knowledge, our extensive sourcing capabilities, comprehensive due diligence, detailed financial management and timely divestments. This suite of investment skills means Buxani Group is highly effective in turnaround situations, scenarios where speed of execution, acumen, reputation, and close relationships within the real estate community, allow us to swiftly and decisively close on opportunistic transactions.




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